Our company is managed by all participants and wants to promote ethical and social values, maybe in accordance with Corporation and Organization. We want to constitute social concerns which must promote aims of general interest, through production and exchange of goods and services. In this process of growth, it is of primary importance the respect of personal dignity and the environmental protection.
Our plans provide the establishment of new companies, so we offer to our staff a professional, cultural and pedagogical formation. We support a group entrepreneurship, so we want that every member of our team become an entrepreneur of himself. Everyone must be in change of the management of our firm. In this manner, it is possibile to form a good alternative to other kind of firm. Individual aptitudes and features help the firm to rise financially, but it is also very important that everyone can be fulfilled.
We analysed some elements:
  • enterprise risk
  • fund for consolidation
  • investiments
  • profit
  • personal income
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